Personal Website with Blogdown

Creating a website has absolutely been a wild ride! I jumped between tutorials (and themes and hosts and generators) before finding the one I liked the best: Summer of Blogdown by Alison Hill.

World Cuisines and Warfarin Dose

The best way to improve prediction is to increase the amount of data you’re using to do the prediction. With warfarin, the anticoagulant I study, there are limited sources of explored variability in drug response.


Qiime My sequencing was done by Ion Torrent which made Qiime a bit difficult to use because of lacking documentation. I followed, mostly, this post by Carli Jones: https://forum.qiime2.org/t/possible-analysis-pipeline-for-ion-torrent-16s-metagenomics-kit-data-in-qiime2/13476.