Personal Website with Blogdown

Creating a website has absolutely been a wild ride! I jumped between tutorials (and themes and hosts and generators) before finding the one I liked the best: Summer of Blogdown by Alison Hill.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Create a new GitHub repository (or fork from a hugo theme you like)

  2. Create new RStudio project via git clone (File > New Project > Version Control > Git)

  3. Build the site…make sure to update_hugo(), file.create("netlify.toml"), and create a .gitignore file

  4. Commit/Push to GitHub

  5. Sign up for netlify (free)

  6. Link GitHub website repository to netlify account

  7. Configure config.toml file in the root of your project

  8. Commit/Push

  9. Enjoy almost instant site deploys!

In the Summer of Blogdown tutorial I learned to do all this and more. Personalizing this site isn’t a breeze but it’s not difficult either.

Heidi E. Steiner
Heidi E. Steiner
Senior Clinical Data Scientist

I love coding in R, biostatistics, and reproducible clinical research.