Heidi E. Steiner

Heidi E. Steiner

Senior Clinical Data Scientist

Boehringer Ingelheim


Heidi Steiner is currently a clinical data scientist with BI pharmaceuticals where she captains statistical design of clinical trials eqiupped with R. She learned to code while working in a pharmacogenomics lab working on genomic and environmental associations with drug response and efficacy. She loves coding in R, biostatistics, and reproducible clinical research. Heidi is passionate about equity and inclusion.


  • Data Visualization
  • Human Subjects Research
  • R Programming


  • PhD in Clinical Translational Sciences, Minor in Biostatistics, 2022

    University of Arizona

  • PSM in Applied Biosciences, 2019

    University of Arizona

  • BSc in Biology, 2013

    University of Wisconsin

Recent Posts

In My Clinical Trials Era

Check my linkedIn for updates on my career path. tldr; I accepted a position with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmacueticals and now work as a clinical trial statistician - aka all my career goals have come true.

Local Ancestry‐Informed Candidate Pathway Analysis of Warfarin Stable Dose in Latino Populations

So excited to see this publication finally come out. This was my first project I worked on with the Karnes Lab and I really think it became a diamond from the rough.


RStudio Conference Experience from a First Time Attendee tl;dr rstudio:::conf is SO FUN! Workshops are aimed at neurotypical learners and everything is available later so go to the talks of speakers you admire.

Everything has Changed

Some updates since you last saw me I am now a Data Science Educator with the Data Science Institute here at UArizona! 🎉 I have learned an immense amount of data science since starting this position, but even more rewardingly, I have learned the joy of teaching!

UArizona Libraries Data Visualization Challenge

🎶Omigod! Omigod you guys Looks like Dizz has gone and won the prize If there ever was a perfect plot then this one qualifies Omigod you guys!🎶 Look at this!

Recent Publications

Local Ancestry‐Informed Candidate Pathway Analysis of Warfarin Stable Dose in Latino Populations

Accuracy of warfarin dose prediction algorithms may be improved by including data from diverse populations in genetic studies of dose …

Bringing pharmacomicrobiomics to the clinic through well-designed studies

Pharmacomicrobiomic studies investigate drug-microbiome interactions, such as the effect of microbial variation on drug response and …


  • BSRL, University of Arizona, Arizona 85721