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Basics of Epidemiology

Foreward: I decided to review my coursework for my comprehensive exams. Inspired by my linear regression review, these next posts will review basic topics that I learned in my PhD coursework.

Multiple Linear Regression

Linear Regression is using a straight line to describe a relationship between variables. It finds the best possible fit through minimizing “error” of the model. Simple linear regression uses one independent variable and one dependent variable and multiple linear regression uses more than one independent variable with one dependent variable.

Personal Website with Blogdown

Creating a website has absolutely been a wild ride! I jumped between tutorials (and themes and hosts and generators) before finding the one I liked the best: Summer of Blogdown by Alison Hill.

TreeSnatcher Plus

Today I used TreeSnatcher Plus to convert an image of a dendrogram into functional data. I came across a publication of world cusines and thought it may be helpful data for another project I’m working on.


Qiime My sequencing was done by Ion Torrent which made Qiime a bit difficult to use because of lacking documentation. I followed, mostly, this post by Carli Jones: https://forum.qiime2.org/t/possible-analysis-pipeline-for-ion-torrent-16s-metagenomics-kit-data-in-qiime2/13476.