UArizona Libraries Data Visualization Challenge

🎶Omigod! Omigod you guys Looks like Dizz has gone and won the prize If there ever was a perfect plot then this one qualifies Omigod you guys!🎶 Look at this!

European Energy Data

For this week’s #TidyTuesday data (European Energy) I made a bunch of plots and used cowplot to format them as one figure. I had a lot of fun trying to make the plots look like the data it was plotting.

TidyTuesday Week 31 (My Week 1!)

#TidyTuesday TidyTuesday, as I understand it, is a weekly challenge to improve upon your R coding abilities. The data is always freely available and the community is always supportive. See this tweet from the FOUNDER of TidyTuesday on my post (and the super easy code to embed a tweet in your website thanks to tweetrmd and webshot2) –>

Self-Annotating Manhattan Plots

Significance Skyline with Manhattan Plots Manhattan plots are a type of scatter plot that show the statistical significance of a genomic variant with an outcome of interest. Yan Holtz made a self-annotating manhattan plot for the R Graph Gallery.