ASCPT Presidential Trainee 2021

I’ve been MIA! Grad school is exhausting! Alas, it’s summer 2021 and I’m back to update my site with some w’s!

American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Annual Meeting

I presented my work on warfarin stable dose prediction in a diverse population featuring a large proportion of Hispanic/Latino reporting warfarin users at the ASCPT 2021 Annual Meeting (,virtually). I was selected as a Presidential Trainee Award winner and was given an hour long Q&A session about my work! In addition my poster was selected as a Top Poster and featured a blue ribbon icon during poster viewings. Best part? They paid me!

Machine Learning Poster Walk

My poster was also featured during the Machine Learning (NOTE: not the official title of this event) Poster Walk during the ASCPT meeting.

The moral of this science story is: self-select for awards.

Heidi E. Steiner
Heidi E. Steiner
Senior Clinical Data Scientist

I love coding in R, biostatistics, and reproducible clinical research.